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Dream Ease

Dream ease has been villain since ease 1 BUT gets defeated in ease 3 (Doesn't make an appearance in ease 2) and returns in ease 10 as the final clone of ifei's powers

Dream Ease as from ease 10 and looks simillar in other games


The most famous and evilest and COPYRIGHTISH Ease villian is ifei Sadly, His character is monster kid from undertale so no image of him or undertale will probably be like >:(

Polo Ease

The most recent ease villian who appeared in ease 7 and 8 was polo ease and is returning in ease 11

Polo Ease from ease 8 and 9

Polo Ease from ease 11 Yep after ease defeated him in ease 8 he turned into snow

Baby Ease

Just like goombas from mario and waddle dees in kirby. Eases main easy and main enemy is baby ease and you must jump over them and they are the EXACT same as ease so go to the gen 1 eases for a picture of ease


The wizard is the main villain in ease 2 no one knows what he looks like but through out the game he turns himself into a cat that can clone itself, A polar that predicts where you are going And a fire breathing dragon.

The Blanket Master

This is the main Antagonist of ease 14.

The Blanket Master and the other four blankets was created by ComboComforts in an attempt to lure people into getting possessed and ease must find the four other blankets, One in a swamp, One in the shadow, One in the tundra, One in Carjt's Palace

The Creator

The Creator is Carjt and has its own page