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Carjt is the new ease villian since ease 11 and is coming back in future ease games



Ease is the star of show! This is the ease and ifei wiki after all and ease has stared in many games and is on a youtube series by HatPass


This is planned to be a boss in ease 13 and ease 14 and Hookshot is claimed by projectmaker25 to be a really hard boss battle and carjtgames is making an agreement to get the hookshot with projectmaker25 letting projectmaker25 use the ease character's and hookshot is planned to be the boss at Carjt's Lab (Why do video games use castles and fortresses as the place where the villian lurks?)


In Ease 13, Carjt says "I know your here... What you didn't know I invented telepathic waves?" however little is known about carjt inventing Telepathy

Ifei (Indirectly)

The Creator created ease and then ease created Ifei, A famous antagonist in the ease series


His name is Carjt first seen in Ease 11 hidden by a cloak and has been revealed as carjt and a lab helper, a time traveler, and created Ease


In ease 11 he was a mysteryous character and the final boss

In ease 12 he was the final boss

In ease 13 he is planned to be the final boss


Time travel

In Ease 13 Ease time travels but Carjt says "I know you speed up time" Is carjt a time traveler too?

Kenuo Portal

The creator probably created the kenuo portal, I mean who else would?