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Ease 1 Deluxe

Portal Pieces are a powerful artifact that grants evil wishes by opening a portal to another dimension and lets monsters into Kenuo and ease must go collecting them throughout the game. It is possible to defeat the final boss without all 9 portal pieces however this will lead to a false ending.

Ease 13

The stones Highly resemble Portal pieces

Ease 14

If a player collects all 40 keys they will open the portal to the monstrous world and fight Ifei as a bonus ending

Ease 15

Portal pieces are seen as 2 varieties in Ease 15

Portal Pieces

After you defeat the three guardians of the Dark sun you will be sent to the second portion of the game where you must collect all 9 portal pieces

Golden Portal Piece

After you collect all 9 portal pieces, The creator will appear and say all the portal pieces were fake and he fused the real ones into a golden portal pieces then you have a showdown with The creator on KimStone Rock