Ease&Ifei Wiki

Pronounced Ken-oo.

Kenuo is another dimension where ease lives

Kenuo has 5 areas (9 areas if you count the industry island areas)

Points of Interest


A grassy area. Ease Lives here and is attacked by ifei and is on the eastern side of kenuo


A desert Place guarded by Ifei and in ease 13 there is a section where you must avoid getting caught by Ifei's or else go to the start and on the western side of kenuo


A swampish area where ease must save king huggy in ease 13 and on the northern side of Kenuo and on the northern side of kenuo.

Carjt Labortorys

The place where the villian The creator lives and above huggyland,

The people

Eases are native spicies

Ifei's are native spicies

Huggy is a failed experiment

How humans found out about kenuo

The creator (Carjt) Put acid on one of his science experiments and created ease and found a warp between worlds and found kenuo