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Pronounced (HIM-OO)

Ease 5

Himu is implied that he is present in this game but is never actually seen. Not even an easter egg.

Ease 3D/Non-canon

Himu is represented by a polar bear on the scratch library as the final encounter.

Ease 11

During the events of this game, Himu's army is against The Blanket Master's army. When the creator gets sealed away, A few minutes later The Blanket Master gets sealed away.

Ease 14

"Well Let's just say... H I M U" - The Blanket Master

Himu is the first boss fight in Ease 14. He is the final and first boss in the demo. He is a gray square.

Himu flies above The Creator in the battle in the vortex. The creator is standing his grounds ready to fight. The Blanket Master is hiding behind the creator.

Unlike Ease 3D, he shows himself in true form. Himu used to be against ease but befriended ease. Himu thought that ease would be against the blanket master for his evil deeds. Therefore, Himu locked the blanket master in the vortex with the creator. The Creator explores the vortex for his power source but The Blanket Master stole it. The Blanket Master will only give it back if he agrees to get him out of here and team up to destory the world. The Creator asked who locked him up and the blanket master said "Well Let's just say... H I M U", then the boss battle begins.