Ease&Ifei Wiki

A picture of regular ease

Ease is popular. He has MANY FRIENDS!!! Every genreation has new eases

Brother ease

Brother ease is eases sidekick (ease has another infamous sidekick) The date back to Ease 1 being enemys BTW there is a theroy about ifei being eases brother but thats WRONG!!!

Picture of brother ease

Sister Ease

Sister ease back to easetale which remains unfinished forever where sister ease resembles toriel and in comics remains an unfamous sidekick

Sister Eases Picture

Dream Ease

For more information on this ease go to the Villians page

Hot ease

Hot ease has been there since ease 3 up to today and is red like FIRE!

Hot ease from modern ease games

Wet Ease

Wet ease was also since ease 3 and is blue like WATER!

Wet ease from ease 3 and up

Rock Ease

In Ease 4 Rocks fall down and you must dodge rock eases attack and defeat rock ease

Rock Ease From Ease 4