Boss fights are battles againest strong foes

Ease 1/Ease 1 Deluxe Edit

This game has 2 bosses but in the deluxe version its 9 or 10 bosses

Ease 2 Edit

This game is built around bosses and if you want a full experience you should not skip the boss fights but you HAVE to fight the final boss

Ease 3 Edit

This game has 4 bosses, And they kind of get repetitive

Ease RPG Edit

Only 1 boss is seen and it's Ifei instead of dream ease being the final boss

Ease 4 Edit

The bosses in this game are okay, The Lilo Boss fights were easy but if you didn't know the strategy it could be the second or possibly first hardest boss in the game!

Ease 5 Edit

Boss Fights are not present in this 3D platformer however on stage 8 you must deactive ifei's machine and escape which is kind of like a boss

Ease 6 Edit

The boss fight in this game is horrible, Once you click the button you beat the boss

Ease 8 Edit

Polo Ease serves as the final boss and is pretty tough

Ease 10 Edit

The final battle is dream ease and the three boss fights before is Sand ease, Brother ease, Wet Ease

Ease 11 Edit

Arguably one of the best ease games with an amazing story and platforming and some puzzle mixed in

The boss fights in this game include The creator (Level 1) The Creator Giant (Level 3) Ifei (Level 4) Level 6 (The Creator FINAL) Level 8 (Carjt)

Ease 12 Edit

The only boss in this game is twin lion

Ease 14 Edit

The confirmed bosses are a Turtle (Hilly Plains), A Ghost (Haunted Caves), Swordsman Ifei (Castle Chaos) and of course The Creator as the final boss. There are 2 other unconfirmed bosses.

Theory Edit

One of the bosses could be The Creator's second-in-command Hookshot in the evil lair level

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